Custom Option List for AWS IAM Profile


I want to present IAM profile for end user to select while deploying the service catalog, Is there any way to create an Option list for the same and attach as a custom option. As checked, I could not find any such Option list or Morpheus variables to use.


There is no native way. However, you could use the Python module boto3 in a script to get the IAM profiles you desire and have it generate a manual option list via the Morpheus API. The Python task could be run as a nightly job to keep your list up to date within the last 24 hours. Others may have a more elegant solution.
I would generally recommend professional services for something like this.

Can try this GitHub - spoonboy-io/switch: Preprocess JSON to name and value keys for Morpheus

Thank you for the info. Let me try.

Please try the below REST call