Passing value to REST type option list

Ability to pass a value into the source URL of a REST type option list

Request script can be used to prepare the request , but it does not allow you to insert values into the actual URL being used for the REST option list. Being able to pass in the value of option list, into the URL of another option list would be very useful - see example below.

Example/Use case(s):
As an example, option list 1 is configured with the following URL: https://IPADDRESS/api/devices and returns a key value pair as {“name”: “device1”, “id”: “12345678”}

Option list 2 is dependant on the value from option list 1, where the value of option list 1 needs to be inserted into the option list 2 URL as follows: https://IPADDRESS/api/devices/12345678/details

I really like this idea. I’ll reinforce make sure you vote for the ideas you like (within the constraints of voting power you may currently have).

I see this ask often and expect others in the community to back this with votes as well!