Invisible of dependent field custom input in service catalogue


When I provide the service catalog with selection of Group (datacenter), vCenter Cloud (cluster), the resource pool Id is different based on cloud selection. Is there a way not to show the resource pool custom input selection in the service catalog and do some logic with the translation script in the backend like when the user select the cloud then the resource pool Id will apply automatically based on the cloud id?

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Clusters are represented as Resource Pools (VMware utilizes a hidden resource pool in vCenter to do the same) within Morpheus so appears you are asking the same question of your users twice.

Hello @aungkyawthu,

To add to what @cbunge mentioned, in the event there is a field you do not want to show but add logic to.

  1. In the Catalog Item, for the config.resourcePoolId field, you could have logic that is based on the items in the form. For example:
    <%= if(input.cluster == "abc"){8}else{5} %>
    The above can be nice when your logic is simple based on other items in the Catalog Item, but making complex decisions or accessing data from the API might be less convenient.

  2. Attach a Workflow and use the Configuration phase to make more complex decisions. See the following post for more info:
    Edit Instance Configuration Before Deployment

  3. Finally, I have put in an Idea for having some of the APIs as data sources, instead of inputs. The idea is that you can use the data source and reference it, without needing to actually show the input. Feel free to vote on this, if it is related:
    Input Data Sources

Hope that helps!

Hello @cbunge @kgawronski, Thanks for the response with the details information. I will try it using either 1 or 2. I support your idea and voted. that will be very helpful in automation and service catalog.