Integrating Git Repository Support for Morpheus 'Archive' Feature


The current Morpheus ‘Deployments’ functionality allows users to select different sources for their files (File, Fetch, and Git), providing flexibility in managing deployment sources. However, when it comes to the ‘Archive’ functionality, there’s a limitation as it only allows direct file uploads (File) and does not support specifying a Git repository as a source. This limitation poses a challenge for implementing strict Source Code Management (SCM) practices while utilizing the ‘Archive’ feature for the easy distribution of files across managed instances. Enabling Git repository support for ‘Archive’ would streamline workflows, ensure compliance with SCM policies by keeping all resources under version control, and enhance the overall deployment and provisioning process in Morpheus.

Example/Use case(s):

Consider a scenario where an organization wishes to install a specific executable file (e.g., a monitoring tool) on every provisioned Windows Server. The current approach would require the executable to be manually uploaded to the ‘Archive’, from which it can be deployed. This method, however, does not align with strict SCM practices, as it bypasses the version control and audit trails that a Git repository provides.

A proposed solution would involve the ability to specify a Git repository as a source for ‘Archive’. With this feature, users could link directly to the specific version of the executable in their Git repository, ensuring that only the approved version is deployed. This would not only make the provisioning process more efficient but also ensure compliance with SCM policies by maintaining a clear audit trail of the deployed files.

By integrating Git repository support into the ‘Archive’ functionality, Morpheus would significantly enhance its deployment and provisioning capabilities, align with best practices in SCM, and meet the needs of organizations seeking to maintain strict control over their deployment sources.