Add a option to pull file template content from a git integration


Within Morpheus, you have the option with tasks and Spec Templates to have the source be from a repository. I would like to see this expanded to File Templates.

With a “Source” option in the file template, you would be able to store file template content all in one place alongside scripts and spect templates you use in Morpheus.

Example/Use case(s):

I have a catalog item that configures HAproxy and it leverages Morpheus File Templates. I think it would be nice to have the option to store the spec template in the same repo as the code used in the configuration.



Agree, this should be an option throughout pretty much anything within Morpheus in order to maximize IaC capabilities. Not only file templates, but script templates, SCAP Packages, images, Boot Scripts, Preseed Scripts, Virtual Images, Boot Menu, Answer Files, and even Morpheus Blueprints themselves.

This would allow for all this code to follow the same DevSecOps processes while Morpheus can consume the updated versions all without the need for making updates within Morpheus by a properly privileged user via the GUI or an API call.


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I agree with Yaron; not only file templates, but also, at least, script templates.