Google Cloud Source Repo

Hi Team,

Is Google cloud source repo integration can be done with Morpheus. I see that it is fully managed private git repo but as per below discussion, it cannot be done. Is there any workaround available for this.


I was able to get this to work. Though, I had to generate the SSH key from Morpheus and add to GCP.

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Trust > Key Pairs
  2. Create a new Key Pair
  3. Add Public Key to GCP account
  4. Add GIT Integration under Provisioning > Code
    a. GIT URL ssh://
    b. Default Branch master
    c. Key Pair Generated Key

Now for whatever reason my save window doesn’t seem to close, but if I refresh the page in Morpheus it has been added and I am able to successfully use the repo in Morpheus.



Thank you @cbunge . I will try this out.