Instances Unreachable

We have provisioned few VMs from morpheus using the Images available from the marketplace. All the VMs have the same configuration. The IPs are assigned to the VMs. we are able to ping and SSH into the all the VMs except the Ubuntu(20.04) instance. We can’t reach the ubuntu machines via SSH. The ping requests return a timed out for the ubuntu machines.

Is the VM able to ping outbound? I would make sure your VM has the correct network configuration.

I was able to successfully deploy the Morpheus Ubuntu 22.04 image with full functionality.

Those altnames on eth0 stick out, are you doing something custom with userdata on the virtual images? I don’t think those come from our ubuntu 22.04 image.

The altnames are normal, it’s part of the persistent naming. Verify the default route on the deployed instance and make sure it can ping the default gateway.

This seems like a network issue as the VM has deployed with the supplied network configuration.

We are able to ping the Gateway. The VM is able to ping within the same segment.
For example VM IP: 10.25.54.xx
It’s reachable from 10.25.54.xy but It’s not reachable via 10.25.52.xx which is also part of the same network. We can reach other instances of different Images from a different segment