No IP Assigned to Instance - Waiting on network


I tried to provision an instance (linux-ubuntu) into VMware cloud, and everything seems to go find until I went into the Instance to see what state is currently in and noticed it says waiting on network. I went into VCenter to checkout the provisioned instance which was there but with no IP or DNS. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it? Currently I don’t have issue provisioning within AWS

There could be a few things going on.

  1. Do you have the network information configured in Morpheus.
    a. DNS, gateway and CIDR
    b. An optional IPAM pool
  2. Is it a custom image or a Morpheus image?
    a. What OS
    b. Cloud Init or SSH config?

Yes, network information is configured and listed in Morpheus along with network from other clouds. Also what do you mean by optional IPAM pool ?

The CIDR and Gateway within Morpheus is empty.

It’s an Ubuntu, from Morpheus image and using Cloud Init

If the network isn’t DHCP, you have to configure the networks with information. Here’s an example, (VLAN is information and not required for VMware)

Note, I have an IP pool assigned to my network for static IP assignment as well.

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