In instance history, add a button to open in a new window

In instance history, add a button to open the log in a new window

I run lots of tasks on instances. When I go to the History tab for an instance, I can see all the tasks that have run, and I can click the arrow to expand the log of any specific task. The problem is that the log is embedded in a window only 10 lines long and 120 characters wide. It would be great if there was a button next to the “copy output” button that would open a new browser window with the output in it, so it could be scrolled through and searched easily.

The i value should give you a cleaner view, but I imagine you want almost a raw tab in the browser rather than a floating window like this?

Part of my intent is to be able to split that log off into a separate tab, so I could see more than one at a time.