✅ Have the options to select (UEFI) SecureBoot when using Nutanix

On Nutanix when selecting UEFI it also sets SecureBoot but it is not selectable.

Example/Use case(s):
When you create a your own Catalog item with Nutanix Prism Central as technology there is NO option to select ‘SecureBoot’.
While when you create an new instance directly and using Nutanix Prism Central you have the option to select to use SecureBoot.

It gives you more control how to configure your VM when you have the option what you want enable or not.

The same applies for the other Nutanix boot options ‘Windows Defender Credential Guard’ and also in the newer release 'the ‘Attach vTPM’ option.

Take also a look at these ones.

Hey Foppe-Jan

Also find this bug about uefi and secure boot. In version 1.1.9 2.2.9 they combined the uefi and secure boot. I created an support ticket to revert this. Probably this wil be back in the next release.

I think for the the Windows Defender and vTPM you must create a case to add it too the Prism Central Plugin.

vTPM is now a flag on virtual images for another cloud so this should be an easy add as well . Probably in 7.0.2

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