Selective Task Execution among Instance Hosts

Based on a use case where the end customer wants to be able to run a python task for selected hosts under the instance(still with local context - running on the Morpheus appliance). However, it seems that “morpheus” python dictionary always contains the same content, regardless of which host checkboxes are selected.

anyone know whether theres a way to achieve this?

Are you executing he task from instances details page or from the task details page?

@pjones and I worked on this topic for some training content with Variables. As my memory is terrible I wonder if you could chip in here Pete. I assumed the “container” variable would differ based on the host the task was executing on within the instance?

Executing from the instance details page, where you can select some of the VMs using the tick boxes.

Thanks @ctaylor, this works well, however, I’m not able to find anything in the python morpheus dictionary indicating which VMs were selected on the instance details page.
I believe we will probably end up working this from the workflow input end instead.