Provision Workflow for custom instance

We have created a custom instance type and calling the provision workflow (which has tasks attached). The tasks added in the workflow are Provision, Start, Stop, Shutdown & startup. As we tried to start & restart the instance it is hitting the tasks for respective functions. However, if we try to stop the instance it’s not hitting the task in the workflow. Could you please let us know where to add the task to enable this functionality.

We have created one more task for deletion but in the Morpheus we don’t see any option to add task in the provisioning workflow. Could you please let us know where to add the task to enable this functionality in the workflow.

How are you determining the stop script is not executing?

For details on what the phases do you can see this link.

Teardown = Deletion.

Hi Cbunge,

Do we have any method for stop script which is available for deletion = teardown?

@ibrahim I’m not really sure what your ask is.

If you want scripts to run when you delete a VM, you put them in the Teardown phase.

@cbunge - My request is we have the option to put the vm delete script in teardown phase. Is there any same option is available for stop a VM?

Hi @ibrahim

If you put the script in Shutdown phase it will execute it when the action Stop Server is triggered.


Provisioning workflow:


provisioning workflow attached to layour:

Actions → Stop Server triggered from instance details page. The task is executed prior to the shutdown


Hope this helps.


Hi @aabraham ,

If you see in the above screenshot, I have already added in the shutdown phase however its only triggering during our restart server phase only.

Ibrahim K

Could you trigger just the stop server action and share the screenshot and logs from morpheus-ui current file please?

I am not able to attach the current log file.

is that workflow attached to the layout of that instance type?


The “Stop Server” action you executed was on a linux vm instance?