Exact execution sequence of workflows

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I know that it is possible to use provisioning workflows in multiple contexts. So I can attach a workflow to a library item (Blueprints — Morpheus Docs documentation) and at the same time attach another workflow to a domain (Domains — Morpheus Docs documentation).

Now I have a question: what is the exact order in which the tasks are executed?

E.g. deployment of an instance with layout workflow A (Task 1 in pre provisioning, Task 2 in provisioning, Task 3 in provisioning) to the domain with workflow B (Task 4 in pre provisioning, Task 5 in pre provisioning, Task 6 in provisioning, Task 7 in provisioning).

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So each phase will execute across the workflows, but the order from that isn’t set in stone. So the Pre-Provisioning from Layout, domain, adhoc selection, or workflow policy will all run sequentially. Then the provisioning phase of each of those would run, post provisioning of each, etc.

Unfortunately, there is not a static mapping for workflow ordering in each phase. I.E - Layout > Policy > Domain > Adhoc.