How to execute multiple API requests per Option List: Option Source Plugin Example

Hello again,

This is a continuation of the post: Example Morpheus Option Source Plugin and specifically shows an example of how to use an option source plugin to execute multiple API calls per option list in Morpheus. It is worth watching the explanation on the original post before continuing with this example.

I have a new video explanation of this example here: optionsourcepluginexample.mp4 - Droplr

Repo: GitHub - GitHub - cpdtaylor/morpheus-option-source-plugin-example
5.4.11+ Compatible JAR for version 1.1.0: - Droplr
Morpheus Plugin Docs: Morpheus Plugin Documentation

As always, this is for the community and for the community to support. No doubt there are new features and improvements that can be made now, and into the future, so please feel free to extend/modify via public pull requests.