Need to understand the possibility of invoking a provisioning flow life-cycle for Terraform based provisioning

Hello Team,

We are looking forward to incorporate qualification standards through lifecycle of provisioning flow tasks defined in pre, post stages for a terraform based provisioning.

To simplify,
Provision machines through terraform, utilize life-cycle defined in provisioning flow for windows, RHEL or a SQL machine.

Finding very difficult to understand if this possible, not able to get any documentation on this area. Please advise on the same.

Can you please elaborate on this ask a little more? Are you wanting to be able to perform day two tasks against something deployed via Terraform in Morpheus?
When you deploy a Terraform instance type, you have access to provisioning workflows that allow you to attach tasks at different phases.

Hi @sjabro Got this answer already. Started using Spec templates inside the layout and triggering tasks through workflows to meet provisioning resources qualification standard.