✅ Ability to execute tasks or workflows against groups in Morpheus

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I would love to see the ability to execute tasks or workflows against groups within Morpheus. This would add “Groups” as an option in the Execute dialog box, and the ability to search groups of instances.

If I had created a group for a specific set of app servers and I needed to deploy a zero-day patch, I could select “Group” from the same drop down as Instance or Server. The context would then change and search for instance groups and allow me to select one or more. Then the task would queue up for all the instances in that particular group\groups. Under executions I be able to expand the output and see a run or fail overview for the instances in the group.


This makes sense, I love this idea. morpheus can already validate the contents of an infrastructure group and which are valid to launch a task against. Good thinking here!

So with the release of 6.0, I was shown a way you can do this. It does not use groups, but the new label system introduced. While not new to Morpheus, the labels are not able to be used similarly to the functionality I described above. So now, if I understand the new process, you create your task\tasks or workflow, then label the group you are targeting. Then you would go to Provisioning ->Jobs and create a new Job. In the New Job pop-up you would name the job, select the Label or Labels to target with the job, then Select task, workflow, or security scan. Upon clicking next you will be able to select the task, or workflow, and pick a schedule. Hope this helps somebody else out there that was looking for a way to do this. Until now I have been leveraging PowerShell and the Morpheus CLI commands to accomplish this.

@Sanders_Justin with 6.0.1 tasks can target instance and server labels as a context as well!