Custom VMware Price for Disk Only Price Type

While creating Custom VMware Price for Disk Only Price Type, “Standard” should be selected for a Volume type.

There is another nice feature you can use when pricing storage on VMware. You can apply different charges for different datastores.
When you are building a Price set, you must have disk only in the plan, but you can also have the Datastore prices as well. I think the idea is that you will always have a base disk price, which will be the default price, but if you then select a Datastore with a price, it will have additional costs applied.

So as an example, I have 3 datastores in my test lab. One on SSD and 2 that are not. I have created a Price for the SSD and one of the nonSSD disks and I have left the other one without a price.

This is the Price setup for the SSD based Datastore

I have then created a Priceset that has the different Datastore prices. (For testing all other prices are 0 except storage so it is easy to see the changes). Remember, even if you are using the Datastore pricing, you MUST have a price item for Disk in the price set

I have then created a plan using this price set and when I change between datastores I get a change in price

NonSSD priced datastore


SSD priced Datastore


Non priced datastore


In this setup every disk has the standard disk price applied (£0.10 / month) but if I select one of the datastores with specific pricing, this is added to the overall cost. If you do not want that base price, just set the price for the disk only item to 0 and then only the datastore prices are used