Cluster GKE GCP

Morpheus is discovering gke clusters in Google’s cloud.
It turns out that since it has token access, the clusters get an error
I can’t solve the problem because in the edition of the clusters there is no option to put the token
Specifically, these clusters already exist in GCP and morpheus is correctly mapping them. However, as I didn’t enter the token, it doesn’t have access and also when a cluster is discovered, it doesn’t open the option to enter the token value.

2023-01-25 14_50_26-Suporte O3S - #202209129000051 - cluster gke gcp - descoberta

Typically that means the IAM credential that the cloud is joined with has no access. I believe we can access the systems once the cloud creds have enough rights. So we can inventory and see the clusters but cannot go any further.

are all necessary API´s enabled?
I have enabled the following API´s: