Kubernetes cluster monitoring & control

Hello Expert,

I have already created k8s cluster through Morpheus, and have some questions.

  1. What logs are Morpheus K8s cluster monitoring will collect? is it collect nodes logs or K8s cluster logs

  2. How can I add new packages to K8s cluster? It seems can’t add any packages, but if I import a K8s cluster to Morpheus, it can modify and add packages.

  3. I add a K8s cluster to Morpheus, how can I let Morpheus collect resource usage? I change the cluster to “Managed”, but it isn’t collect any resource usage.

I believe these answers are correct. I haven’t had to touch this area too much, but:

  1. We collect cluster logs only (I believe). This is the question I’m least positive, but I don’t see pod specific logs anywhere atm in my environment.

  2. Adding new packages to the K8s cluster you can define a K8s / Helm spec and apply top the cluster. MKS statically defines the packages it deploys with, currently without the ability to use the native UI to update/define additional packages by that means.

  3. To get resource usage (and possibly additional logs), you must install the Morpheus agent on the cluster which is a deamonset. I do believe it relies on fluentbit and prometheus to fully collect.

@mreed may have slightly more on point answers than above.

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Hello @cbunge
Thank you, and I have another question, if I add a K8s cluster to Morpheus, can I create pod/deployment in the “control” tab?
I try to add a template file but it doesn’t create any pod/deployment.
It seems can’t use yaml file apply/delete directly, I’m not sure how to control K8s cluster in Morpheus.

@WillyChen you can crete pod/deploy usind the control,

go to control command area and there is a apply template icon next to play button.

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Hello @rmartha,
Thank you. I try to use it, but not sure about the “Spec Template” is used for… ? is it used for Kubernetes operator template?

I try to install the package but it didn’t show up on my Kubernetes cluster, this cluster is deployed by Rancher, I’m not sure if I need to change some settings or not, and the “Managed” is needed to click?

On the other hand, I want to use the Control → kubectl, but it only shows this message: