Cannot clone previously imported Windows VMs as Group drop-down is empty


Some previously imported Windows VMs from vCenter to Morpheus (imported on Morpheus versions older than 6.0.2) cannot be cloned, because the GROUP drop-down is empty and cannot proceed without selecting group.

Newly imported machines or machines that are created on Morpheus version 6.0.2+ do not have this problem.

The issue is that in old Morpheus versions, the windows instance type was available in the Instance Type dropdown on the Convert to Manage form however, this was removed in version 6.0.2. So in versions older than 6.0.2, when convert to manage was performed, users selected the windows instance type for all their discovered Windows servers. Now for those existing instances, when performing clone from instance actions in versions 6.0.2+, it doesn’t find the instance type hence the groups dropdown is empty. Clone uses the instance type assigned to the instance and finds groups which are available for the layouts and provision type of the VM. In this case, no layouts for VMware and, therefore no groups.

This issue can be resolved by updating the instance_type windows to vmware for all the problematic instances. Below are the SQL queries used to resolve it.

# query to get the windows instance type id

SELECT id FROM instance_type WHERE CODE = “windows”;

# query to get the vmware instance type id

SELECT id FROM instance_type WHERE CODE = “vmware”;

# query to get the list of instances with windows instance type

SELECT, FROM instance i JOIN instance_type it ON i.instance_type_id = WHERE it.code = ‘windows’;

# query to update the above returned instances to vmware instance type

UPDATE instance SET instance_type_id = <id from 2nd query> WHERE instance_type_id = <id from 1st query>;

Note: We strongly recommend taking a backup of your database before making any modifications.