Organize drop down selection in "Groups" under "Convert to Instance" in alpha-numeric order

Organize drop down selections in Alphabetical order (in particular the ‘Groups’ selection in “Convert to Instnace”)

Most locations within Morpheus do a good job of keeping things in an alpha-numeric order, but one except to this is the “Groups” listing under “Convert to Instance”. When you have a large number of groups, and it’s not that uncommon to need to import a VM as an instance, it makes this process in the WebUI a bit tedious.

Example/Use case(s):
Click on Infrastructure and then Compute
Locate an unmanaged (listed as Discovered) VM, select it and then click Actions → Convert to Managed
In the “Convert to Instance” screen that pops up, expand the “GROUP” drop-down
With the GROUPS in an alpha-numeric order, the location and selection of the correct group becomes much easier