✅ Organize drop down selection in "Groups" under "Convert to Instance" in alpha-numeric order

Organize drop down selections in Alphabetical order (in particular the ‘Groups’ selection in “Convert to Instnace”)

Most locations within Morpheus do a good job of keeping things in an alpha-numeric order, but one except to this is the “Groups” listing under “Convert to Instance”. When you have a large number of groups, and it’s not that uncommon to need to import a VM as an instance, it makes this process in the WebUI a bit tedious.

Example/Use case(s):
Click on Infrastructure and then Compute
Locate an unmanaged (listed as Discovered) VM, select it and then click Actions → Convert to Managed
In the “Convert to Instance” screen that pops up, expand the “GROUP” drop-down
With the GROUPS in an alpha-numeric order, the location and selection of the correct group becomes much easier

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Oh wow just noticed this. I’ll see how we can improve this for you!


Just tested and this will be in the next release for each branch! I’ll close this and free up your vote for new ideas!