Convert to Managed - Not all instance types show up

I had someone deploy 2 VMs in vCenter. I went to the Cloud they were deployed to in Morpheus, and clicked “Convert to Managed”. But only about 8 instance types are showing up in the dropdown, none of which are the one that I need. I get CentOS, Debian, OpenSUSE, Rocky, Ubuntu, and Windows and then one additional instance type we have added (NFVCLOUD-TENANT-CENT7). But this is a Juniper vSRX, and we do have that instance type defined, but it does not show up.

I guess I will need to tell them to tear them down and redeploy them in Morpheus from scratch (which means they have to reconfigure them), because I can’t get the proper instance type to show up. I am running this as admin, and the admin role has all instance types, so it can’t be the role that is the issue.

If you navigate to Library > Blueprints > Your Instance. Click the name and edit the layouts within you would like available to be able to select. There is a checkbox Supports Convert to Managed that you will to check.


Thanks much! Worked!