Support for native VMware clone while cloning across clusters having no shared datastore

When a user clones a VM from one cluster to another cluster within the same cloud, Morpheus doesn’t use the native VMware clone and instead uses its own clone approach which creates a bad user experience due to the following reasons:

  1. Importing large VM’s to the Morpheus appliance requires additional storage. The customer is already paying for the data store where the OVF will be exported. This storage is an additional cost.
  2. Import and Export of OVF is a time-consuming process and many times it gets timed out. There is a huge performance difference between the vCenter clone and the Morpheus clone.

Note: For one of our customers a 1TB VM import timed out. And the customer is also not ready to provide additional temporary storage for cloning citing the same reason.

Acceptance Criteria:
Use vCenter’s native cloning across all combinations of clone operations.