Can you move an instance between users?

Is it possible to transfer complete ownership of an instance from UserA to UserB?
I have 2 users (same group) and i want to give instanceX to userB (UserA had originally provisioned it)
I change the owner value from Provisioning->Instances->Edit but when users enter their personas
instanceX continue to appear under UserA’s inventory (and UserA can still manage it).

When an admin inspects the instance, it mentions UserB as owner. But userB does not see it under his inventory.
Is there any additional configuration hat needs to take place?

Thanks in advance


So Morpheus (currently) treats the Service Catalog inventory as more of a receipt of items personally ordered.

With that said, the reason both users can have full actions on the device is because they are in the same group. Groups are mostly utilized to represent a business unit and share the systems amongst themselves. As for the new user to see the device they will require the provisioning > instances view, as they had not previously ordered the system it won’t currently show in their inventory.

If there are adjustments you would like to see to the service catalog persona and/or the inventory, please capture them within the ideas category, so we may analyze the use case for our product roadmaps and others may contribute.

Thanks for the response.
I guess we will configure the access for both users on the Standard Persona and control access from there

We are having plans for enhancing the self service persona to better fit your use case, but currently no firm ETA / set functionality. I appreciate your question/feedback as this will definitely guide the product to better places!