Allow users to be put into groups / assigning ownership based on group


Allow users to be placed into groups. Allow groups to be used as Instance “owner”.

After upgrading to 6.0.1 in our test lab and by allocating permissions based on “User”, “Full” and “None”, I have been able progress someway to meeting the requirement described in
(Allow different permissions to be assigned to instances / groups / clouds), the ability to have two classification of VMs. However one hinderance is that Instance ownership is per individual user. This means that when permission is set to “user” only the user who owns the Instance has full access to it.

For example:
Tenant DoggieBixs is configured as follows:
Group UKSouth01-MSP contains VMs provisioned/managed by the service provider.
Group UKSouth01-MS contains VMs provisioned/managed by customer.

To restrict access to Instances located in UKSouth01-MSP (for example ability to delete/reconfigure) I have set permissions to user and set Instance owner to msp-admin. However this has the side-effect of meaning that only the owner of Instances located in UKSouth01-MS cab delete/reconfigure them. This is restrictive.

I would there like to suggest that Morpheus allows users to be put into groups and the group be made the owner of the Instance.

This is a very good suggestion!
Morpheus, please implement this.