Assign multiple owner for one VM

Hello expert,

Is it possible to assign multiple owner for one VM? Thank you

The owner level, no. That essentially is reflecting the requestor. This however, is typically handled with groups representing a team / business unit that should share access to same infra and machines. Users of the same group could manage that.

Additionally you could add another tag or input to collect a secondary owner if there is some requirement.

Hello @cbunge ,

Thank you for your information.

Actually what I wanted to do is both User A and User B can view and manage the VM which is provisioned by User A in Service Catalog portal.

Is this something can be done by Users Group which you mentioned?

Thank you.

Note, not User Groups but Infrastructure Groups which are typically just referred to as Groups in Morpheus documentation.

Groups represent a business unit, so a team of users that should have access to a machine. View, Edit, Run Actions, Etc.

Thank you @cbunge , I got your point.