Branch Overrides

In cases where a numerous amount of tasks have been created to support an app deployment, there may be cases where you may want to change the branch for all the git based tasks. This could either be for testing or for an easier way to switch all tasks. Maintaining multiple version of the same tasks with different branches can become repetitive and increase the number to tasks and workflows in the inventory.

A few recommendations would be:

  • On workflows, add a global branch override that would apply to all get enabled tasks in the workflow. This allows the tasks to still have a different branch (or follows the integration default). This would allow for easier modification of branches on tasks, if all of them need to be changed, instead of modifying each task individually.
  • On workflows, add a branch override on each git enabled task listed in it. This would allow to override a specific task branch, if just one item needs to be tested, it would not modify the task. Maybe a collapsible task object?
  • When provisioning, having a branch override field with the workflow selection. This would allow one-off testing but also can be captured in Catalog Items, allowing the same workflow (set of tasks) to use different branches dynamically for different catalogs. This can also allow logic to be used with variables that different branches can be run based on user input, maybe to match an OS type selected for example.