Git Integration

We have 2 branches; dev and master in Bitbucket. The dev branch is set as a default branch in Bitbucket.
I integrated Git in Morpheus and set DEFAULT BRANCH as dev, but it’s sourcing from master instead.

We are using V.

How are you verifying it’s sourcing master? Also note, the branches are case sensitive. Per task does allow you to override the branch as well, though I believe you can only select 1 branch override per phase in a workflow.

It turns out I’d ‘also’ need to specify the branch in a task.(see below pic)
And answer to your first question, I logged in to Morpheus server and cd to the repo directory.

My other question is what does DEFUALT BRANCH do and what is the relation to VERSION REF?


Is this occurring on a specific task type? Can you edit the task and share a screenshot? Would like to see the options you are setting as well.

My colleague had similar issue with other task.

What version are you on? There may be an issue with default branch being honored in 6.0.x

We are using V.

Oh it’s possible this has been fixed. You aren’t on an official build and your current build is almost a year old.

Thanks! Can you point me to the release notes that addressing the fix? We don’t want to upgrade to latest and find out the issue still exists.

You would have to navigate through the notes here for each concurrent release:

I was stating you are very far behind on releases and have not seen this reported by anyone else.