Re-run Successful Tasks in a Workflow


When running a workflow, either as a Catalog Items itself (Operational Workflow) or attached to an instance deployment (Provisioning Workflow), in some cases it would be nice to be able to rerun successful tasks that ran prior to a failed task. In a multi task workflow, it is possible that one of the tasks ended up being successful but either not outputting the correct results or no result at all, which causes a later task to fail that relied on the result. The only way to resolve this is fix the error in the code for the successful task and rerun the provisioning again from the beginning, which may take much more time if the workflow is long.

If the successful task could be re-ran and then the correct value is output now, which then the failed tasks could also be re-ran, now using the correct value.

Possible alternative, allow for the output to overridden on the successful task, with the correct values, so then re-running the failed task will receive the correct values. This would allow the person to fix their output later, for future runs, while salvaging the current provision.