Black list vmware datastore

I use auto datastore to install VM , but, there is a use case where a backup tool create an nfs mounted temporary datastore. If i want to create a VM while such a datastore exists, it is auto-selected, and my deployment crashes.
What is the best way to work around that behaviour ?

  1. I wanted to create a task in a preconfiguration phase that will auto select the datastore by itself, with its own criterias
    An other way would be to play with groups, but it would be to complicate

what’s your opinion ?



You can

  • Manually deactivate the nfs datastore in cloud details page. Auto-datastore wont pick up the datastore.
  • schedule a task in job to deactivate datastores of type nfs in vmware clouds

Thank you for your response.
The problem of these methods is that cohesity datastores are dynamicaly created. I can’t disable them, then.

You could schedule the task to run at a short interval or Config phase would be a viable option in that case.

Thank you @aabraham .
I had a discussion with the vmware PO on our side, and it appears that this particular case will be quite rare, so that this “bug” in our vm creation workflow is depriotirized.
I will create a configuration script if needeed , in that case. Thank you for your help

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