Datastore auto selection in Service Catalogue by using option list


I am trying to create custom input/options to select data store automatically when the user selects the VMware Cloud.
for example, I have two vCenter Clouds A & B.
When the user selects vCenter Cloud A the datastore will pick up automatically or show only the correct one.

I have created a manual option list for datastore with datasets and am not sure how to put in the translation script based on the Morpheus API cloud option list.
id 50 is cloud Id.

Appreciate your help.


Do you statically select a datastore and do not utilize the auto option?

Hello @cbunge , does it has the auto option (Morpheus API) for datastore?

We support auto datastore cluster and auto datastore. If you are using the instance wizard those are the default options.

Catalog builder uses the instance wizard so you can just select auto and it’ll save in your default config.

Additionally if you use the cli it should offer auto as an option if you need to see the API call to build servers via the api.

Hello @cbunge, I am using catalogue builder for service catalogue. So, Morpheus is able to show the correct data store (instead of giving multiple options) when the user selects the cloud.