Enable Storage Type Selection - VMWare vCenter Clouds

I noticed this new feature in 5.4.5 (we are on 5.5.3) that enables you, in cloud settings (advanced) to hit a checkbox that says “Enable Storage Type Selection”. If I enable this checkbox, am I supposed to see, at VM provisioning time, a dropdown that has “Thin, Thick Lazy Zero, Thick Eager”? Because unless I am overlooking, I don’t see that dropdown at provisioning time. The dropdown IS in Cloud Settings (advanced) though, right below the checkbox, so I am a bit confused by this. Can someone explain to me if/how this works?

We just had this request from someone, to ONLY use Thin Provisioning, unless someone is granted special permission to use Thick (case by case). So we are trying to understand the Art of the Possible wrt this request.

Hey Mark,

This option has been here for a while but typically users leave it unchecked. If you allow disk selection type you get this field on provisioning:

The cloud setting is the default a cloud should provision as.

When I provision, I don’t see that dropdown. I just see IDE:0:0 in that field. Doesn’t matter if I enable storage type selection or not. Now, on some OVFs I load, that IDE:0:0 is SCSI:0:0. Do you think this has something to do with your image or layout that dictates whether you see the dropdown that you showed (thin, thick)?