Check datastore space before provisioning

Is anyone aware of a way to check that a datastore has a percentage of disk space free before allowing VM provisioning?

Is there anything native to Morpheus?


Hi Kkerr,
Here is a github link to morpheus public repo morpheus-automation-examples/ at main · gomorpheus/morpheus-automation-examples · GitHub
This script will get all the datastores of a cloud. It will get the vcenter url of the cloud integration and then using the vcenter session token it will fetch the total and free space of each datastore and if the free space is less than 15% it will deactivate the datastore .

Thanks Great , thank you.

Is it possible to raise a feature request to add a real time check on the datastore at provisioning time?


Hi Kker,
yes, it can be submitted as an Idea in the topic under Ideas
Here is the link Ideas - Morpheus .

If this is VMware, typically datastore clusters are utilized. Metrics like consumption or I/O can be used to balance or prevent deployments. If you are utilizing datastore clusters, Morpheus will adhere to the same settings configured (as we rely on native VMware DRS for placement).