Big dropdown list needs a search filter in input field

I am working on creating a list of all Product tiers using REST API from another internal site. I am able to populate the sorted values, but it is resulting more than 1000 values. Could you please let me know if there is a way to type in a autocomplete search filter to look for the right product instead of scrolling through the list of all products. Or at least another field to act as a dependent text which will trim down the list of dropdown as and when we type something. Please advise.

Yes on the form/input you should set the “type” to “Typeahead”

This will give you what you are looking for.

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Additionally, you can set dependencies that filter your lists. There are a few examples in the forums as well as the documentation webpage. How you work with dependencies will be impacted by forms vs traditional inputs, types of Option list, etc.

Thank you. This is exactly, what I was looking for.
Additionally can we preserve this dropdown value for single user to remain default for all his future server provision.

There is a option to set a default value but unfortunately it is not customizable on a per-user basis.


Got it, Can we embed any “” values or any other Morpheus variables.