Input types on catalog items

I tried following:Inputs — Morpheus Docs documentation

I have a input created that reads locations from an api with the fieldname set to selectedLocation, I can select the 3 locations that my api provides, so far so good

in another option list I am trying to read from another api to get a hostname this api needs to get ?location= appended.

according to the docs I could use results.location = input.selectedLocation as a request script, but I cant get this to work. any idea what I am doing wrong?

If I’m following correctly, you are trying to add a query param? Your request script would be something like:

results.push({name: "location", value: input.selectedLocation})

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yes! thats exactly what I ment and it works like a charm. why do the docs say it has to be:

 results.location = input.selectedLocation

I think the examples are based more around the Morpheus API type lists that handle the request params slightly differently. I’ll get that example updated.