Automatically remove existing votes when closing an idea in the forum

Automatically remove existing votes when closing an idea in the forum

Hello everyone,

I have noticed that a lot of good ideas are being reported in the forum that I, as a customer, would also like to see on the roadmap. Of course, not every idea can be implemented and the voting system was introduced to get an initial feeling for prioritization. Each user only has a certain number of votes and has to decide on the “best” ideas. If the votes are used up, you must first remove a vote from an idea in order to be able to support a new idea.

I noticed that realized ideas are marked as finished and closed in the forum. However, my vote for these ideas still remains. So I sometimes have to manually remove a number of votes from closed ideas in order to be able to support new ideas.

My suggestion: Remove existing votes automatically when closing an idea and possibly let users know regularly by e-mail (approx. every 3 months) that they have votes available for use. This could significantly increase the interaction with the ideas in the forum and give Morpheus Data valuable customer input.

The votes stay assigned to the topic for auditing purposes but the user does get their votes back on topic closure. That’s why we try to keep up with posting estimated releases on the topics so we can close the thread and votes return.

A few times I’ve noticed it take logging out and back in to get my votes returned, but that is on the forum provider (discourse).

oh, I didn’t know that. Thanks for the clarification! :slight_smile:

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