Find items created by order id

Allow finding items created by a catalog order

When ordering items through the catalog, it is essentially a guess what the objects on the other end are going to become or what happened with your order. Primarily this is for API usage to be able to track things like automated systems building a system and tracking it. Other systems usually implement something like a trace that tags everything tied to an order so it can be followed.

Example/Use case(s):
Being able to track order #1234, created order items #4567 & #5678, which relate to instances #658 and app #799 and then you can follow the state of instance #658 and app #799

Hi @Pepiton_Kenneth,

Just to check if this helps, or maybe I am misunderstanding. You can submit via the Catalog API, which provides an At the time of the order creations, I don’t believe the other IDs would be available immediately, such as an However, once the order has been placed and you get the you can then use the Get a Specific Catalog Inventory Item API to locate the item ordered, the status, and the instance id/details are listed.


Does this help?

So there are a couple of problems with the endpoint, it’s only useful while it’s provisioning and harder to track historically what happened.

The second thing we noticed, it you are only able to see the items you submit with the same account. You can’t get all active items in the catalog, if you would have access to see them. ex: User 1 submits a catalog order, Admin 1 can’t see the order that User 1 submitted through the API.

Having some extra metadata from a catalog item that stamped the instances with their order or catalog order item ID on it would go a long way to try and track down how something was ordered.

Thanks for the clarification, @Pepiton_Kenneth!

Oooh I like that idea for the metadata