After upgrading to v6.0.4, VM provisioning failing on a new task called "Create DNS Entry"

Not sure where this task is coming from but we have the Infoblox integration that handles DNS record creation. Has been working fine up until upgrading to 6.0.4.

This used to silently fail forward I believe. Are there logs associated with this?

Also, curious if your cloud is configured to use your infoblox as the DNS provider under advanced settings.

So this means you have the DNS integration set to the infoblox integration on your cloud or group which was redundant for IPAM based integrations. So it is trying twice. I would remove that and it should work fine. This is remedied completely as well in 6.2.0 coming out this week

Thanks guys. I will give it a try now.

2023-07-18_21:34:46.58346 ‘’[2023-07-18 21:34:46,619] [appJobNormal-19] INFO c.m.d.PluginDnsService - executing plugin dns provision for 998
2023-07-18_21:34:46.61967 ‘’[2023-07-18 21:34:46,824] [appJobNormal-19] WARN c.m.c.u.HttpApiClient - path: /wapi/v2.7/record:a error: 400 - { “Error”: “AdmConDataError: None (IBDataConflictError: IB.Data.Conflict:The record ‘’ already exists.)”,
2023-07-18_21:34:46.82441 “code”: “Client.Ibap.Data.Conflict”,
2023-07-18_21:34:46.82442 “text”: “The record ‘’ already exists.”
2023-07-18_21:34:46.82442 }
2023-07-18_21:34:46.82442 ‘’[2023-07-18 21:34:46,825] [appJobNormal-19] INFO c.m.i.InfobloxProvider - createRecord results: {success=false, msg=null, errors={}, data={}}
2023-07-18_21:34:46.82628 ‘’[2023-07-18 21:34:46,867] [appJobNormal-5] ERROR c.m.ContainerService - Unable to deploy container: null

Also, the DNS integration was selected in the group settings. Removing it did the trick. Thanks for the quick response!