Morpheus integration with Infoblox DNS Service

Hi Guys,

I am a newbie here. I want to ask about how to integrate Infoblox as DNS Service and Morpheus. Can the Morpheus dashboard be as middleware that changes on DNS Service at Infoblox? Or the Morpheus only integrates with Infoblox for Server Provisioning.

Thank you


Please see this link to our documentation detailing Infoblox integration

  • Network Pools synchronization
  • DNS Zone & Zone record synchronization
  • Host Record synchronization
  • Total & Free IP status bar for networks
  • Network Grid and List view with IP Status and records, date and user tracking
  • Automatic and manual IP Reservations, DNS A/PTR record creation and deletion
  • Use script variables like <%= variableX %> for evaluation of the key data in extended attributes

You can create DNS and IP reservations outside of the server provisioning process. That said, you may not get the granular access to that you are desiring within the UI without creating a custom Operational Workflow against the Morpheus API to target the specific forests that you desire.