Morpheus and Infoblox plugin Integration

Hello Experts

Here are questions regarding the Morpheus and Infoblox plugin Integration:

  1. How do you customize an API call in a plugin? There are several findings related to the Infoblox Plugin that have been found:

a. The sync interval between Morpehus ↔ Infoblox is still unknown. So far, testing is still doing Manual Sych by “re-saving the integration plug-in”.

b. When the integration is set, the IP POOLS (Networks on NIOS) and DOMAINS (ZONES on NIOS) retrieve all the data. However, the contents of each Networks (IPAM entries) or individual ZONES (DNS records) in NIOS are not synchronized to Morpheus.

c. When adding IP POOLS or DOMAINS in Morpheus, there is no option to use the Infoblox Plugin. So that the additional data are not synchronized to NIOS.

  1. Morpheus plugin does not support DNS View (List Domain will include all zones in all VIEWs). The API from Morpheus to Infoblox is also not VIEW-aware, so the Morp → IB update process cannot run as it should.

  2. So that resources (Cloud, Network, Domain, etc.) can be accessed/viewed by Tenants, visibility must be Public / Private + Specific Tenants

  3. Edit Zones/Domains and IP Pools can only be done at the Master Tenant.

a. So that Sub-Tenants can make edits, Integration plug-ins are done per sub-tenant with a different Infoblox user from the one used in the Master Tenant.

Piyush Jain

Hello Experts,

Can anyone help to provide some insight to Piyush-san’s question above?

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