New Plugin Alert: Efficient IP

We have released a new plugin for interacting with EfficientIP SolidServer! This will require Morpheus 5.4.5+ to use. Automate all DNS/IPAM related automation tasks with your workloads at the same level as other plugins like Infoblox, Bluecat, Solarwinds,etc.

Source Code can be found here:


This is awesome! I’ve had a large number of customers trend towards Efficient IP, so excited to share this with them!

We are excited about this one! Will there be some documentation we might be able to use for troubleshooting? Having a better idea what API methods it’s using will help us out. Thanks!

Awesome! I actually link the source code in github above which can easily show you the flow it uses / api calls it uses. A guide is in the works as we speak as well. It follows the recommended api calls per the EfficientIP REST Api Documentation in the appendix with regards to IPAM.

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Great! I did start poking through the source, but yeah I think even a basic guide would be a good idea. Thanks!

Ok one more silly question - it looks like the plugin is logging, but where do I find the log?

It ties into the main morpheus slf4j log appender system. It should log to the main morpheus log.