❌ Advanced Filter on Instance Page Shows Every Existing Label and Owner

Advanced Filter on Instance Page Shows Every Label Every User in the Owner field

Currently, the advanced filters on the instance page do not have any filtering on what is shown to the end user to select from.

Currently every label that has been created against an Instance regardless of group shows up in the Typeahead list. If the user does not have access to the instances of the label they select, they just get an empty list of instances returned, which is accurate, but not super useful. Ideally, a group would only see the labels that are attached to the Instances that they have access to.

For the Owner filter, it currently lists every user that is on the platform and it is a select list field which makes it really hard to find options when there are a ton of users. If there was a way to filter to only users whose instances you had access to, maybe by role? At the very least, it would be convenient if that field was switched to a typeahead field to be able to find a user easier.

This shows a label that exists in the platform but this specific user does not have access to those instances.

This shows a user being selected in a Select List that the current user does not have the same group permissions based off of roles

This is not how labels are typically intended. Labels are account global across all resource types for efficiency. we would not be filtering this list based on the instance group access .