Windows 11, TPM and VMware

With the Windows 11 TPM requirement you may be looking for an easy way to deploy and use Windows 11 with Morpheus VDI. With VMware’s support of virtual TPM starting with vSphere 7U2 it becomes pretty easy.


  • vCenter needs to be running 7U2 or later
  • ESXi hosts need to be running 7U2 or later


  • Add a Key provider in vCenter

  • Log into vCenter and select your vcenter from the navigation. Go under configure and select key providers.

  • From key providers select Add and “Add Native Key Provider”

    Give the key a name. If you only want this key used with hosts that have TPM 2.0 then you can select the check box. If your hosts don’t have TPM 2.0 no worries just leave it unchecked.

  • After the key is created you will need to back it up before you can use it. So select the key and then select back-up. Your backup should download and you can save it to a safe location.

Now that the key is ready we can move on to adding TPM to our VM so Windows 11 will install

  • When creating the VM, Windows 11 is not an option so selecting Windows 10 is what you will want to select.
  • Configure your VM as normal
  • Add New Device and select Trusted Platform Module (No Configuration is needed)

You should now be able to install Windows 11 without getting an error on requirements and use with Morpheus VDI.

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And now you just saved me from hunting this for my lab VDI. Muahaha… Ulterior motives!

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Hurry and finish this so i can steal some bandwidth from your fiber connection

If I add any more servers or bandwidth to my lab setup I’ll be directly competing with AWS in the region :wink: