Default Landing Page for Authenticated but Unmapped Users

Default Landing Page for Authenticated but Unmapped Users

We have a considerable number of users who are able to authenticate via upstream corporate AD server, but fall through the role mapping process. Our default role used to be a Catalog, but we decided that allowing these fall-thru-the-crack users into Morpheus and allowing them to see or launch anything is a security risk. Now, for users who can come in through corporate authentication but are not in a group we have provisioned aforehand, we are setting them in an extremely restricted role, and rather than the user being presented with User Settings in this circumstance, we would like to push them to a customizable, informative landing page allowing them to understand why they can’t see or do anything, and who to contact to resolve the issue (which could be setting their role manually, or getting their group provisioned, or perhaps getting their group set correctly in AD).

Example/Use case(s):
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