Ability to choose default homepage for an azure group or morpheus user

Role based landing page for users (ie: Monitoring, land on the monitoring page, server group, land on the provisioning page:

This is an enhancement request to allow the default homepage to be configured based on the type of group or users for example - Server Admins could default to the provisioning page, monitoring group or staff may have their default homepage Monitoring.

In essence and ideally, it would be a big enhancement to be able to configure a particular part of the platform to be the default landing page for a user or group.

Refer to the Example Use cases above

Thanks for the idea @Surina_Aaron . We are working on dashboarding for our platform, but I believe the original thought was the Dashboard consistently the landing page, just your view could be customized per person/role.

Would that implementation be sufficient for your idea here?


That’s precisely the concept I was leaning towards. The standard – (persona) would be operations/dashboard –

  • Unless specifically customized with some sort of knob/text box or <%= optional.landingpage %> configurable variable

  • Which would be available to configure either in the UI or API –

  • Would be configurable on a per user basis

  • Would be available via api user creation transactions ideally for future proofing automated use of it.

    I’ve added a couple others in case there are other ideas surrounding this -