Option List for OpenStack Service Plan & Security Groups


I am trying to create option lists for service plans & security groups in an openstack environment. I am using the same for VMware environment as well which is working fine. For OpenStack, it does not load the service plans & security groups.
Dependent field is cloud input fieldname.

Service Plans

if (input.cloudlist && input.grouplist) {
results.zoneId = input.cloudlist
results.siteId = input.grouplist
results.provisionTypeCode = “openstack”

Translation script

for (var x = 0; x < data.length; x++) {
results.push({name: data.name,value:data.id});



if (input.cloudlist && input.grouplist) {
results.cloudId = input.cloudlist
results.groupId = input.grouplist


if (input.cloudlist && input.grouplist) {
for (var x = 0; x < data.length; x++) {
results.push({name: data.name,value:data.externalId});

Service Plan
provisionTypeCode should be in number.
you can get it from /api/provision-types?code=openstack.

Security Groups
request script should have the below
results.siteId = input.fnGroups
results.zoneId = input.fnZones
results.poolId = input.fnResourcePools
results.networkId = input.fnNetworks

Try it with Openstack (uppercase O)

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I tried this as well but not working. The same works for VMware without issues.

Also I think we need to put all the parameters in request script, only the required ones are must.

it’s working for me and I have recorded the same, please check if it helps you.

Doing it the same way but still it does not load the value. I am putting the cloud input fieldname as the dependent filed

Dependent field is looking for the customOption field name. Unless you have a customOption/Input on your form with the field name clouds, you are not refreshing that list off of a cloud selection. Looks like from your above you are needing to make it dependent on fnZones?

I have custom option for cloud and fieldname for the same in “clouds” (<%=customOptions.clouds%>). It does a refresh but did not find any service plan or security group.