The ability to create snapshots for Openstack's instances

I would like to create snapshots for Openstack’s instances and next use them. This functionality is existed for VMware’s instances.

Admin Edit: OpenStack supports snapshots via the backup functionality. That said, the ask is for the actual “Snapshot” action to be presented to users to reduce confusion.

Owner Edit: I mean to create snapshot under ACTION in the instances tab. I don’t want to use the full backup. In attach print screen for VMware instance.

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I have the same requirement: I want to create snapshots for OpenStack instances, just like snapshots are prepared for VMWare instances through the UI Appliance Morpheus.


I can create snapshot for vm openstack at here. Go to tab “Backup”

Thank you for your response, but I am referring to the ‘Create Snapshot’ method under ACTIONS in the Instances tab

Snapshots are used for Openstack backups. The snapshot is used to create a full backup, but left in place for quick restore. Restore will attempt to use the snapshot and fallback to the full archive if the snapshot is unavailable. Is there a use case where direct access to the snapshot is required?

Using full backups give me to restore instance but as new instance. I don’t want to create new instance from backup but revert existed instance to point from snapshot.


Hi @jdc ,

You should definitely be able to restore to existing via that popup. With that said, I think the best of approach would be opening a support ticket at Please reference this thread.

I’m marking this thread to auto close in 48-hours since this really isn’t an idea anymore but a support issue. Please feel free to update if you feel there is still an additional idea request here.

cbunge Thank you for your feedback. I think that there are two threads in this idea now.

  1. I wanted to implement ‘Create Snapshot’ method under ACTIONS in the Instances tab. This option is posibility for VMware and then tenant don’t need to use full backups. I received information that I should to report this case like new idea.
  2. In my idea ddeyoung wrote that the snapshots are using to full backup. But in my case I can’t use them to restoring existed instance, so this I can to report to support like a new ticket according to your response.

I don’t want to close my idea and I didn’t find how to update the status. Could you update it?

I added a quick note on the inital post, and removed the 48 hour closure.

Restore to existing is available in Openstack using local disks for the root disk. Using a volume for the root disk doesn’t allow for restoring to existing. This is a limitation of Openstack, as far as I am aware, so exposing the snapshots wouldn’t produce the desired outcome.