Service plan for Backup and restore

Hi Team,

I want to check the feasibility of Showback and Chargeback for Backup and Recovery.

Ibrahim K

Hi I think it’s possible to charge via price plans for snapshots, but I don’t think backup and restore are options at this time.

Hi @Ollie_Phillips ,

I have created the service plan for snapshot and tried to taken the snapshot of one of the VM. However, I don’t see any changes on costing. Could you please help us where I need to add this snapshot plan to apply the costing ?


@ibrahim I will test myself and come back to you. It will be a few days :+1:


My previous question was irrelevant.

Okay May I know the process of applying the snapshot plan for the instances. How the cost is going to apply for the instances during the snapshot creation?

My tests haven’t yielded results different than yours so far, so I’m checking internally to see what I’m missing.

@Ollie_Phillips - Any update on the service plan?

Sorry, nothing yet @ibrahim

Hi @Ollie_Phillips - Regarding this request, are there any updates? We received this request from the customer and need to respond, could you please help us solve it out sooner?

Hi @ibrahim, no, nothing further.

It is worth noting that the community forum isn’t a support channel as such. Morpheus employees that participate here do so on a “best-endeavours” basis. If this is mission critical - since you mention your customers - it should probably be addressed through professional services or our support channels.

That said, I haven’t forgotten about this thread. If I do get some more feedback, or derive the solution myself I will certainly update you here.

Sure thanks @Ollie_Phillips .