Text input fields

When you add Text inputs to a form you can select a dependent filed (A fieldName that will trigger reloading this input). Currently this field does not trigger input reloading.
The Text type inputs appear to not support dynamically changing the value based on another input even if the dependent field attribute is present.
This feature works fine with Select List and Typeahead Inputs. Why not make it work for Text inputs too?

Hi @smartini, I think I understand the ask here, but my question is, what would the text field value be mutated to when the depenent field is changed?

I guess there would need to be some translation script type logic, but would there be a dataset of values to use.

It would definitely be worth adding more information to this idea, detailing the current problem and how this feature/suggestion would resolve it.

Thanks @Ollie_Phillips for your interest in this idea.
I have a Select List input and a Text input. I want the Text input to change its value when a new item in the Select List is selected.
That’s working for Select List input that can reload the OptionList values when a dependent Select List change its selected item.
I think there should be a dynamic Text input value changing like the one of inputs using OptionLists.

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@smartini i’m not sure i understand the use case for this. A text field’s value is not really constrained like a select list or typeahead input. Loading a new value would not constrain the user from re-entering a previous value. If you have a specific use case could you explain it in more detail?

If you just want to display a different value for the user to see based on another option and not allow the user to make changes. I would suggest using a select input where the list only returns a single value based on the input of another field.

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Hi @Andy_Warner, thanks for your interest in this topic.
I’ll try to describe a use case I’m dealing with
An LDAP database stores information about user accounts used by an application. I would like to give the administrators of this application the possibility to modify accounts (enable/disable, change password, extend expiration date, …). So, I was thinking of making an entry available in the Catalog.
I was thinking of creating a form with a Typeahead input to allow the user to choose the entry to modify and then to populate the various Text inputs with the attribute values ​​so that they can be modified.
For example: suppose the account “john” is selected from the Typeahead input, the Text input field labeled “User’s expiration date” should be populated with the expiration date of john’s account, the Text input field labeled “User’s email” should be populated with john’s email address, … At this point the user can modify the value contained in the various Text input fields.