Single Node Morpheus with AWS RDS

Hi Team

If we want to move from a 3-Node HA (External Amazon RDS DB) architecture to Single node (Keeping External Amazon RDS DB) then is it possible ?

We deploy a new Single node Morpheus appliance and configure Morpheus rb to connect to external RDS ?


Yes this is possible.

Some things to keep in mind

  • Make sure when you set up your AIO you install the same version your HA nodes were
  • Make sure you don’t have both the AIO and HA connecting to the DB at the same time

Out of curiosity, is there a reason you want to keep it as a external RDS? If you are moving to a AIO I would personally just use the embedded db.

@Tyler_Boyd - Thank you for your response. Actually the Production env is running in the same architecture (3Node HA with RDS) and Staging is also running the same architecture however to reduce the cost on AWS as we do not need HA for staging, want to move to AIO.

We want to keep Prod & Staging architecture almost same so in case of any issues in Prod whether related to Morpheus or AWS RDS, it can be replicated to Staging for troubleshooting purpose.

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Hi @Tyler_Boyd - I do have one more query here, if we move to Single Node AIO then just copying the data from NFS share to /var/opt/morpheus/morpheus-ui folder should work ?